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Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's day it makes me feel like I am back in my twenties :)....If you're married with children like me, don't think the romance of Valentine's Day is gone with the wind. We all know that going out to a fancy restaurant usually ends up in tears or fights so what can we do. My husband and I usually wait till the kids are in bed, than we light a candle, pour both of us a glass of wine and finally have our dinner. We may even dance together and then finally watch a movie. What a lovely romantic evening! We decided long time ago that if we will buy something for each other it has to be an experience.

I have in the past send a Valentine’s Day card to my husband’s work. Look back at some photos from your wedding day you may inspired each other to recreate your first dance. Watch a romantic movie. Rather than buying unwanted gifts and clutter your home why don't you buy an experience like a massage, educational classes, photography session, comedy show...there are so many ideas....thank about it, life is beautiful and it’s up to you to make it live and interesting:)..How will you celebrate your Valentine’s Day?


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