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Why Personal Branding (contemporary business head shots)? Marta Houlding Portrait

What is Personal Branding and why do you need it more than ever before?

The days of having a successful business without a professional headshot (personal branding) are over if you want to grow and differentiate yourself from your competition you absolutely NEED a professional headshot.

Imagine how it would feel if your customers knew you, liked you, trusted you, and thought of you whenever they needed a service you provide. That’s why you need to get a professional headshot, so you can finally get the respect, recognition, and business that you deserve. Professional headshot helps your clients to identify who you are, showcases yourself at your best, and also gives a personal touch that you hope your competitors aren’t using.

Benefits of Professional Headshot:

1. Personal Branding

- people buy from people first not COMPANIES - I hope you customers know how you look like (existing and new) and it better be professional.

2. Familiarity

- People buy from people they know, like and trust - again you will need updated professional headshot

3. Authority

- Using professional head shots on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter and any other social media is an absolute MUST if you have any intention of getting the respect, authority and attention that your brand MUST demand.

4. Long Term Relationship

- The truth of the matter is that your clients, customers, buyers, and website visitors all active on social media and they’re watching you even if you think you’re private! Get your headshots today!

5. Trust

- We never trust anyone without a solid face next to their identity.

Book your session today with Marta Houlding Portrait @6047640811!contact/c24vq

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