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Why are photos important? Marta Houlding Portrait

Why are photos important? We stop time for you. One day your children will own these photos and your children will pass them to their children. When I was growing up I loved looking at people that belonged to my family but could only see them through photos. How many photos do you have of yourself or with your children or significant other? I can make you look the best you have ever looked because I can see you and your beauty. I mould you in place and know how to make you beautiful. I also give people self esteem; I change your life sometimes forever! Photos help us conserve our memories, you could tell story to your children and grandchildren. Taking photos also allows people to connect with each other again. Some people work so hard and they simply never home so my photography connects people again. I love being a photographer; I am truly blessed as I do help my clients in so many more ways than just taking their photos.

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