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What are the best hair trends for spring 2016?

intersting enough hair trends have become more specialized this year. Cuts, colors and styles are more of a hair art. While hair colors may revert to more natural; hues, textures, shapes and decorations are likely going to be big. The "bob hair cut" will be the biggest trend as it never really goes out of style. Bright or artificial-looking hair colors will be a blast from the past next year. Everything seems to be going " less is more"...we will be seeing more natural and healthy looking hair.Also, consider a look with a centered middle part or extreme side part. These hair parts can be applied to just about any length hair and will add a youth to any style. Whether you into braided waves or big natural curls will always be popular. We will probably learn new ways of adding curls inot our life. And lastly long hair is hot, start growing it long today...

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